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Alex and Anna Chudnovsky's web site

Anna Chudnovsky (Alex's sister) is a multi-skilled individual who combines the abilities of an artist, popular writer of more than 10 successful books published in Russia and abroad. Her books include titles on popular psychology, development of personality, healthy lifestyle and satin stich embroidery! Her educational background combines an unusual mix of MSc in Radio Physics and PhD in Economics.

Anna writes: "I am often being asked how I could achieve so much in so little time. Of course it was impossible to cheat long working hours, sometimes going so deep into creating process that I lose track of time. However this is not the only secret of success.

It is vital to be able to relax and concentrate when necessary, to be able to switch from one task to another effectively. This is where handcraft helps me - this is exactly the kind of art that can benefit every modern woman".

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Alex's primary interest is in Information Retrieval technology research. The UK based company that he leads is currently focusing on implementation of Majestic-12 Distributed Search Engine, this work was recently covered by the Guardian (big national UK newspaper) in this article.

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P.S. Anna is Alex's sister!