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About Anna Chudnovsky

Anna on talk-show by Russian TV Channel 1 as guest expert, click picture or here to see large photo

Upon successful graduation from a well known Russian University Anna founded her own analytical and consulting business. Based on her unique experience she was awarded PhD in State University of Management.

Over a number of years Anna conducted research in area of personal development, consultations and seminars. She is the author of original methodology of personal development that helps develop personality and focus on reaching career goals, improve personal life and social adaptation. In little spare time that she has from these main activities she reads lectures in a few higher education establishments located in Moscow (Russia) on subjects such as leadership and personal development, psychology of advertising, management research and some others.

Anna authored over 10 books (and created her own original illustrations!) in the last few years that can be split into 3 categories:

  1. Practical psychology and personal development
  2. Mini-series called "Homo Sapiens - manual to ..."
  3. Handcrafts such as satin stitch (see dedicated web-site Anna-Craft)

Anna continues her research in areas of personal development, improving relations between a woman and a man in modern world and development of mutual understanding.

Another area of current research is development of a unique training system based on massive experience of her husband - Huynh Ngoc An, who is the Partiarch of Vietnamese Wing Chun Kung Fu. This system includes time-proven breathing and energy management training exercises, classical elements of Kung Fu and personal therapy. This system will be accessible to people of all ages to help them live longer and happier.

Below you can see photoes of some of Anna's books in each of the 3 categories she writes in, click them for more information and more books on that subject!

Practical psychology and personal development

Mini-series called "Homo Sapiens - manual to ..."

Handcrafts such as satin stitch

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