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Anna Chudnovsky: Handcrafts

Handcrafts? Yes, handcrafts! Its actually a good therapy that allows to think away from modern life's problems and create something unique that your friends will envy!

Anna writes: "I am often being asked how I could achieve so much in such a short time. Of course, it was impossible to avoid long hard work, sometimes going so deep into creative process that I lose track of time. However this is not the only secret of success.

It is vital to be able to relax and concentrate when necessary, to be able to switch from one task to another effectively. This is where handcraft helps me -- this is exactly the kind of art that can benefit every modern woman.

This is the reason why I have written books on satin stitching and opened this website. Handcraft is accessible to every woman and can help to overcome the stresses of modern life.

Satin stitching will allow you to relax, calm yourself from daily matters... and while at it create individual elements for your house or your clothes. We offer the best step by step guides on how to create great works of art that will make your house and your clothes to stand out in this age of mass production.

I hope you enjoy visiting our site and make your friends envy your unique stylish clothes made stand out by your own effort!"

This is the first book by Anna called "Beauty of Satin Stitch" (271 pages, ISBN 5-17-025680-9). The book features elegant satin stitch designs for modern fashionable clothes, accessories, items for interior and presents using classical, Japanese and Chinese styles. Beginners won't feel overwhelmed thanks to special guide to help them get started stitching and decide on materials and threads.

The second book is called "Satin Stitch on Jeans" (95 pages, ISBN 5-699-09112-2). This book focuses on models that are ideal for jeans fabrics

The third and fourth books are self-study guides called to satin stitch embroidery "How to learn Satin Stitch". You can learn satin stitch from our site too using free guides translated to English, and you can get funny fish and pear shown on the cover in our online shop!

The first book is dedicated to creating unique accessories using hand-made style. This book is popular among readers who appreciate having a unique handbag that stands out!

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