JUNGLE.COM has been my most interesting work experience so far. Excellent development team of which I was a core member made this company a Top-10 E-commerce website in the UK. Unfortunately we have been busy working long hours, so I could not take many pictures. However, here is our DevTeam group shot taken when were moving from The Tree House where we were based to the main HQ over the road.


In 1999 I have had a job interview at Bullfrog, the legendary company with HQ in Guidlford, UK. The photos only include main entrance and a bit inside. Anyway see all of the goodies here. And yes, just in case if you wonder why the photos are so crappy, I can offer the following excuses:

  1. I used Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 (digital camera), which is pretty cool because it uses standard 3.5" floppies to store photos. The drawback (fixed in later versions) is that the highest resolution is only 640x480. A cool 10x zoom feature somehow offsets that, though.
  2. I am a crap photographer (probably I had to say that in the first place!)
Telford campus, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Telford is the place where I used to study for quite a while. It is a nice, but rather empty place. Nothing much to do here, except to study. Luckily I moved to Wolverhampton.


You welcome to browse a funny ASCII Art courtesy of many anonimous people on the Net. Files are not my art but were converted to HTML with my program txt2html to give some enjoyment to people unfamiliar with such sort of creative art, it's very fast loading too. Please note that I didn't look the whole collection and it is quite possible that some of the context might be deemed rude and offensive for non-adults. I have nothing to do with that as it's not my art. You have been warned.

Anna Chudnovsky (my sister)

This is just a small piece of my sister's artwork! Have a look at some of samples done many years ago. Make sure you visit her site at with lots of new artwork. Also you may wish to have a look at a huge site of the Official Patriarch of Vietnam Wing Chun Kung Fu -- (site features over 600 unique digital photos and images).