Telford is where the Business School of the University of Wolverhampton is situatiated. This is a heart of English industrial revolution (famous Iron Bridge is just few miles away) begun. This a dynamicly growing region, and future prospects are bright. Unfortunatly all the best will happen after I graduate and leave (as usual). So far, there is little to do except study here. No big hang outs, no clubs, nothing. No one studies though, anyway

Here are the pick of photos done by me in the fall of 1998.

  1. Main gates (to hell? no, to the life-long learning process, which is basically the same).
  2. Campus 1
  3. Campus 2
  4. Campus 3
  5. Campus 4
  6. Campus 5
  7. Houses of residence, where I live *sigh*
  8. Some nice view around.
  9. More views.
  10. I find the following law sign very funny (sick sense of humour?). I wonder, if it concerns only pets...
  11. There are some very nice wild animals (they seem can foul the University property free of charge)
  12. But they do run away, if caught.
In overall place is nice, could be much worse, but still could be and I am sure will be better.