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5 Mar 2005

New project - Anna-Craft is now live.

7 Sep 2004

I am FREE (as in freedom, not beer!) now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Feb 2004

Majestic 12 will soon be born....

17 Jan 2003

I had a great honour to be the last member of the original's development team who walked out of the door of the company that was so well known in 2000. As I left the building I have taken out battery from Jungle branded clock to signify the moment when Jungle's time has stopped.... photo 1 and photo 2.

3 Jan 2003

Exactly 3 years ago I started my new job at (back then a leading UK ecommerce website). It is now time to turn the page and reflect on what I have gained during the course of these very tough character-building years: Overall I am very pleased and would have done it again, despite bitter disappointments at certain unnecessary decisions that I had no control over (no, its not .com crash).

Alas my job prevented me from working on my site, which is in many respects the same as it was in 1996. Some links are broken, and some info is outdated. English is very bad all around the site, please forgive me :'o(

I intend to do a big overhaul in the next few weeks.

14 Oct 2002
  1. The dream is now over... long live the dream!

16 Jun, 2002
  1. After 3 years of cryo-sleep I am back. There will be no mercy.

7 Mar, 2001
  1. I now have a webcam!!!.

2 Mar, 2001
  1. I was really bored this weekend, bored enough to analyse dotcom drop outs based on publicly available data from Check out quick results and data files here.

1 Dec, 2000
  1. David - our excellent Sybase DBA was leaving the company, and to celebrate that we had a few glasses of champaign and made this group photo.

15 Jun, 2000
  1. JUNGLE.COM's Development Team's photo

19 Dec, 1999
  1. My article - Two ways to attack Internet based applications written in Java (The DoBeDo case study).

12 Dec, 1999
  1. Fury for NT v1.1.2 released with full source under GPL.This POP3/SMTP server written completely in Perl mightwell repalce expensive and bloated Microsoft Exchange server.