1. This project is a community effort and therefore is free of charge for everyone. If you find the information herein useful or interesting you have moral obligation to contribute your own information. Since you came here to look for an MBA Admission information, you are highly likely to have taken the GMAT, made few application etc. Please submit your own stats.

2. Consequently, no one is allowed to exploit the good will of some of the best fellows in the world to get any commercial gains. In case if you make any research based on the data, you are obliged to share free of charge with the community, which made your derived work possible.

3. Nothing is censored in here, and thus you may well see some excessive language. Leave now, if you are too concerned about that as MBA is supposed to be for adults.

4. I believe these are the fair conditions of use, which should suit everyone in the community, which obviously won't be happy if someone unfairly profit from our good will.