Privacy statement

Privacy is very important, in particularly for those who are working at the moment and their employer has no idea that you are about to leave your work for an MBA. There are few points I would like to make for those concerned:

1. Your IP (Internet Address of your machine) is NOT logged by the database scripts. In particular the submission form uses the POST method, which is not even logged by server itself. The only thing, which the scripts log is the number of searches conducted (but not WHO conducts them).
2. So-called cookies are not used to track your movements.
3. You don't have to specify your real name or E-mail address. Nick and/or an anonimous E-mail is perfectly fine.
4. If you feel some of the questions you'll be asked to submit will compromise your security, feel free to leave them blank. It's better nothing than lie. Please be honest in whatever you state.
5. Don't submit/search anything if you are on your work and don't want to take any chances. Your employer is highly likely to log you (he is perfectly entitled to do so as at work we are supposed to work). Use your private (home) Internet account instead to avoid troubles.

However don't overdo it -- your privacy risks here are way lower then on the many other sites. At least here you can be sure that no one sells your info (when it's fully available for anyone interested, it's impossible to sell). Conditions of use legally protect you from such indecent acts.