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2. Quantitative data

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3. Schools

This part is a key. Later during analysis we will be able to relate your quantitative data with results you've achieved or not. The latter one is particularly important as we want to know why people fail.

Applied to:
Admitted by:
Rejected (dammit) by:
Chosen the following:
(ie: Harvard/Stanford/Wharton, but not H/S/W because it will be impossible to run a search for, say all Harvardees. However common abbreviations such as UCLA or MIT are ok.)

4. Perception

Confidence level in success when applied: (0 - "had no hope" to 9 - "was absolutely sure")
If you got in, in your opinion, did you deserve it? (0 - "not at all" to 9 - "I was destined to study there")

Your answers on these questions (no matter how stupid they may look like) are of extreme importance. For example we will be able to tell whether one should borther applying to Top10 schools with a low GMAT score and (understandably) low confidence in success.

5. Additional information

Anything else important in stats you reported in application. What made your so special that an AdCom decided to admit you? Often this is the key to success, please care to name it. (ie: special honours, foreign languages, being minority, extra-curr.) Alternatively you may tell your thoughts on why you've failed (like low GMAT, low work exp, too old etc).

Again I want to reinterate:
  1. Please state your data honestly. You don't have to put your name, so there is no reason to be ashamed of something. Just tell the real test results, grades etc.
  2. You don't have to, but try to fill in all fields. Leave them blank if you don't want to. It's better nothing than lie or some rubbish data. However the fields in red are required.
  3. My scripts are not yet perfected and your submission might fail on first or second try (fail generally is when you don't get a reply from server for 15-20 seconds after pressing Submit button). Please be patient to re-submit.
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