This page is to feature only alive and supported projects.There have been lots of programming projects during my almost 10 years old affection to computers. Because most of them areof historical value only and will not interest everyone I moved them to my Old Projects page. Feel free to havea look at some of the things I have done for that time. There are lots of sourcereleased there, not to brag about my source style but to show that my every wordis true.

Recently I have been interested in mostly programming for the Internet, most notably using Perl. Since I am now working professionally I can not spend as much time on programming at home as I did before. However, here are some of my more or less recent works.

My article - Two ways to attack Internet based applications written in Java (The DoBeDo case study). Note that their site has been re-designed and all Java code changed.

Fury for NT v1.1.2 released with full source under GPL. This POP3/SMTP server written completely in Perl might well repalce expensive and bloated Microsoft Exchange server. Well, the latter would be a bit too much, but it's very useful to debug application that deal with POP3/SMTP protocols.

MBA Stats on-line -- My database programming thingy in Perl. Everything was written from scratch. It happened to be quite popular among MBA guys.

AWA -- This is also a user-submiteable database written in Perl over one weekend.