Very Oldish Projects


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Economics or IT?

I excelled at both, but this page designed to show my work in IT only.

Projects in IT

    I am in programming since 1989 counting my first programming microcalculator (no basic machine opcodes only) and since 1991 if you count PC (I get one in my home poccession only in late 1993), during that time I coded many projects, some good, most not. Most of them just gone and exist only in my memory, some held at my home computer, but still few presented here for your enjoyment. You may note some of the links do not work on program descriptions. I decided to leave files as they were at time of publishing back many days ago. Just to keep history as it was, not trying to make it look better. If you have any word to say about my programs whether good or not feel free to contact me. ... some sucks I know it, I was young and never had time to code, I was Business School student, I could not code all the time, besides I had no access to Inet till late 1996. Lame excuse, still ;(
    I didn't include various stuff I do on my work ocasionally in VisualBasic for Applications to speedup work. It's too boring to remember all these scripts. However I did it pretty often!

Major (in no particular order):


Fades black in History (still are somewhere on my computer at home in Russia).

Everywhere was used C/C++, Assembler unless otherwise stated. I preferred Borland, Watcom compilers. These days they lag behind great cookie monster.

My personal rank of game developers:

  1. id Software (I know you since 1991 - Commander Keen, Shadow Knights, Dangerous Dave, Wolf3D, DOOM, Quake). I would not challedge you in 3D, but Aleksei Goloshubin would. ;) We were studying in the same class. He is now busy with his company though. Make sure you checked out his great Java Bean -- browser at
  2. Westwood -- nah, I could and i did beaten you!
  3. Brodenbund software (Prince of Persia was lovely done)
  4. Michle Denio and his Captain Comic.
  5. myself :-)


At the time of writing, I do not know if anyone will ever look at this piece, who would care??? Anyway, if you reach this point, I will finish my ramblings just saying few words about inspiration: I never get paid for doing programming, instead, I lost money, time, opportunities, lots of fun on parties, huge part of life many had. Many of these programs were dedicated, some had certain strings in them, it's history now, few seen my programs, although some of them were very good at their time. I want to keep that little piece of memory a bit warmer:

Legal stuff: Nothing to my knowledge on this page hurts anyone in this world. If you have anything to correct me in sense of legality or whatever, then mail me. I am always open for friendly discussion.